A NEW YEAR ©2014 –Halley Élise

Every year we say the same, “Where did the year go?!”
We pontificate about all that was going to get completed; and that this “New” year, we will “really” bring it all to fruition.
In truth, we often have many more accomplishments to boast about than we recall. It is almost as if we exist in a twilight haze, wherein circumstance happens and somehow it’s forgotten.

I would like to suggest that before the clock strikes Midnight this New Year’s Eve, that we cut through the fog of our cloaked past, and celebrate our good deeds and accomplishments, along with our failures.
We celebrate our failures for we have shown ourselves to be of character and conviction; that in celebrating our losses, we recognize that we still continue the momentum of moving forward. Is that not what life is about? MOVEMENT!

One of my mentors, Dr. John Demartini had this to share:
We go through life exaggerating and minimizing ourselves, and we deny the infinity inside us. What would happen if we stopped denying it? What if we stopped denying but acknowledged it inside ourselves, if we spoke to ourselves as if it were true and looked in the mirror and saw it? If we saw divine order outside ourselves, I wonder what we would do from within. What might we be capable of if we changed our language to ourselves and acknowledged the infinite, in our cells and in our thoughts? What if everything you ever thought and did was all part of the divine design to try and teach you that?

Simply stated, Dr Demartini’s assessment is that our life is already perfect, if we would simply see it. The reason I bring all this to your attention is that this year needn’t be about promises you make to yourself about change, or perfection, but what of the “What If?” What if “You” had appreciation for yourself? What if you recognized your greatness? What if all past wrongs were seen in their proper context, simply there for helping you grow?

Most important, what if you are able to truly “Love and Appreciate” yourself?!
Then this “New” year would truly be your best ever!

May 2014 bring all your desires to a place of acceptance, acknowledgement and love~
And may you have an abundance of enthusiasm to celebrate all of it.

Thank you for reading!

Psychic- Good Or Bad??!

Much of my work encompasses interacting with others and helping direct their energy for a more auspicious environment. Knowing how to create balance and clear may make the difference between success or failure, wellness or infirmity, love or angst. The information below is very beneficial to all whom take a moment to peruse the content and then begin implementing in their world.

Excerpt from: Meditation, Stress Relievers & Quick Ways to Expand Your Intuition © 2009
–Halley Élise

Energy Clearing for Rejuvenation

Here we are in the Age of Aquarius becoming more present in our awareness. It is more acceptable to share information about our auras, our energy centers and learn to share who we are. Our world community is more open to be guided and empowered.

We understand that our physical surroundings need to be cleared of clutter to bring in a flow of energy (ch’I aka qi); infusing our spaces with good feelings and opportunities.

Our personal field of energy benefits from clearing clutter as well. Though the clutter perceived in our outer world seems quite different then in our inner world. Our outer world has all that is seen and some that is not; the physical and tangible energy. Our inner world consists of the unseen . . . hopes, dreams, thoughts, feelings, visions, expectations and also energy.

Allowing your chakras (energy centers) to be clear, refresh and recharge will help you feel lighter, more energized and more in control of your life. Giving attention to your chakra centers strengthens your connection with the divine. It is always there, but when you are in the right space, it is easier to hear your higher power guiding you.
Just like the subconscious mind holds everything it has ever listened to, seen and experienced, the energetic body also has the capability of holding on.

Emotions transmute from what we believe is something out side of ourselves and become integrated into our etheric fields, as well as into our cells. Sadness, discomfort, and being afraid all leave their trace. Often there are energy stickers (attachments) that are not even our own. You may have given support to a grieving friend, or rescued a lost dog. These energies affect us along with our own.

Release that which is hindering and attract that which is of good. Often your results will be subtle. You may not see a huge flash of red, streak across the night sky. But, raise your energy, clear your field, and find that it is a simple matter to be happy and motivated.
An unexpected benefit is often improved health.

Begin in a space where you will not be disturbed for a while. Find a comfortable place to sit. Allow yourself several deep, fluid breaths. Just breathe for a couple of moments, noticing your body and how it feels. Notice your environment, just notice. Keep your legs and arms uncrossed and your feet on the floor for best results.

When you feel as if you have begun to get settled, use your imagination to see a strong, pristine white cord from just above your head that runs vertically through your body’s center, running parallel with your spinal cord and moves beyond your groin into the ground.

Centered on your spinal cord are seven spirals (your chakras).

7- The Crown located at the top of your head in the same place a baby’s soft spot may be found.

6- The Third Eye located just above the bridge of your nose, in between your eyes.

5- The Throat located center, at the base of your throat.

4- The Heart located at the same level as your heart, in the center of your chest.

3- The Solar Plexus located just above your navel.

2- The Sacrum aka the Creative (or Sexual) located in the center of the abdomen (approximately 4 inches below the Solar Plexus).

1- The Root located in the center, bottom part of the groin.

Take continuous fluid breaths and focus on you being connected with the earth and the universe, “As is above, so is below”. You are always connected to all of creation.

Let your mind now go to your Root Chakra, see a spark of light at the base of this chakra- this spark represents an opening. From this opening see your cord moving deeper into the earth.

Allow a feeling of release, as if there is a free flow of all unwanted thoughts and feelings now leaving you and moving down the cord into the earth. Releasing inactivity, releasing dissatisfaction, releasing frustration, or any other unwanted feelings about yourself or others.

See the earth receiving this energy as if it were grey water flowing. The earth will gladly transmute this unwanted energy into beautiful healing light. As this is taking place acknowledge the earth by saying
Thank You.

Permit all old, unwanted thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to leave you!
Keep going until you feel complete that your Root Chakra is entirely void of heaviness.

Then bring your focus up to the Sacrum Chakra and repeat the process, then to the Solar Plexus and continue with each chakra until you’ve let go of all unwanted energies, feelings and emotions from all seven spiral centers. Remember to let Mother Earth do her part.

Once complete in this, see another spark at the base of your Root Chakra knowing that this represents that the flow outward and downward has seized.

Take three very deep breaths and use your mind’s eye to see a brilliant golden light now coming in through the top of your head and moving gently through your entire being. This golden light is warm, tingling and energizing . . . let it move throughout you, feel it in every part of your mind and your body and spirit.

Now take one more very, slow deep breath and bring your attention back to the present moment.

Thank you for reading today!


Types Of Psychic Ability ©2005

A myriad of different kinds and levels of psychic ability exist; and vary per individual (and on occasion per occurrence). There are moments in life wherein that unexpected knowing just simply appears.

There are different types of psychic abilities/modalities. Knowing the differences may be helpful to those who too often misunderstand the word psychic; believing all qualities to be equivalent. The word “psychic” as referred to in a plethora of texts, is a general term that encompasses much having to with extra ordinary senses and occasionally the esoteric.

There is an old adage, “Knowledge is power”. So let us be powerful and perhaps even scholarly, so the next time the subject happens at the water cooler, or a party, we will have an intellectual conversation. More important when we have knowledge, we eliminate fear of the unknown. As well be able to seek out the appropriate source when needed to help us navigate better in our world.

You may be surprised by the abundance of psychic descriptions that are here and even more surprised to know this is just a partial list.
Hope this helps clarify some of the mystery.

-Automatic Writing is the art of writing via the subconscious mind without any conscious thought, or through guided writing from the unknown.

-Channeling is the act of receiving information from an outside source; usually a spirit, guide or even a master teacher. There have been times where loved ones from the other side have come through as well.

-Clairaudience is the ability to hear or perceive sounds which are not normally audible. People with this ability often have hyper-sensitivity to sounds.

-Clairsentience is a knowing of an event, past, present or future simply through a feeling. Many people experience this on a regular basis, but realize it after the fact. You may hear someone say, “I knew that” but didn’t pay attention.

-Clairvoyance is extrasensory perception of an event which is not present to the normal five senses.

-Divination is a prediction or foretelling the future by the act or practicing the occult arts. Divination is primarily achieved with the use of tools; such as Tarot cards, pendulums, diving rods, etc.

-ESP is a sense of perception outside, or apart from the normal senses. ESP along with the word Psychic is interchangeable.

-Hiero-Scripting (aka Automatic Painting or Drawing) is the graphic version of automatic writing.

-Intuitive is knowing, learning, acting or perceiving by intuition.

-Medium is a person who relays information from an outside source; usually dealing with the deceased.

-Precognition is seeing ahead in time, a premonition of an event or something that will happen in the future.

-Prophesy is the ability to predict a future event influenced by divine guidance; hence the word prophet often use in the bible.

-Psychometry is divining knowledge about an object or a person connected with it through contact with the object. For instance you have your aunt’s locket and the psychic holds it in their hand and is able to tell you things about your aunt or about the locket itself.

-Psychokinesis is the ability to move objects with the mind.

-Remote Viewing is the ability to see, describe a person, place or thing without being in their presence. The government is rumored to have people who do this

-Telepathy is the act of mind to mind communication; such as thinking about something you want to tell your spouse and then they answer you.

Thank you for reading my blog.


Shared Moments

–Halley Elise 2010

Shared moments flood light upward reaching star bound
Transmutation taking hold now golden from within
All cells omnipresent, sweet, effervescing
Life force previously known no longer needed
Flying boundless beyond comprehension

Shared moments surreal, blissful, unvaryring cheerful
No recourse, nothing left undone
Understanding, love never-ending now unfolding
Communication swirling freely in front and beyond

Shared moments sacred, adoring, honoring
Trusting matters long gone no longer concerning
Experiencing, living all for eternal dreaming

Shared moments releasing inhibitions
Gravitating back, Divine instants pervading evermore

Transformation in process

Overpopulated By Shingle Hangers

Halley Élise ©2013

There is an onslaught of people coming into the Spiritual and Holistic Community professing incredible, celestial powers with relatively little training, or skill; and most often with no background what-so-ever. These people are referred to as “Shingle Hangers”.

Many of these Shingle Hangers infiltrate well-known, integrity based establishments. They leach on to leaders in the community, under the guise of being Light-Workers, and Master Teachers. These supposed Masters tout expansive gifts, take your money and lead you on a disappointing path. This is how the Metaphysical and Holistic community gets a bad reputation.

Everyone has heard someone who said they could heal and then some time later the poor individual who was told they were well, ends up getting chemo. Or the person who went to get cleared of the evil that surrounds them and paid a hefty amount of money. For a while Miami Florida had a rush of these types of people. Thankfully many went to jail.

There are an abundance of practitioners that are legitimate, have extensively studied, apprenticed with Shaman for years, lived amongst Aboriginal peoples (again for years), communicate with animals, use non-limiting Energy practices, know Universal principles, or have a myriad of psychic abilities that have been well proven. They will not be affected by invasive Shingle Hangers. They will prosper long after the Shingle Hangers have gone.

A one weekend program on anything does not a Master make. It is possible if the practitioner is already utilizing a particular skill-set that they may gain additional tools. This is considered continued education. But, one must still hone their skillfulness. Even a world-renowned singer does not become proficient overnight.

These types of Shingle-Hangers are not limited to the Alternative practitioner community. You may find a tailor or plumber who may profess the wisdom of the ancients (with no credibility) collecting big dollars. Perhaps that is the objective all along; just to obtain large sums; no matter the training or lack thereof.

It appears that when the tern Light-Worker is used, a magical ray blinds the people standing closest, and the person is automatically seen as proficient. This may be the only way these individuals feel they can fit in. Whatever their motivation, it harms true seekers, or those genuinely in need of guidance and casts an unnecessary shadow upon legitimate and helpful practitioners.

The incredulousness is for those who propagate falsehoods. Or those who reinvent themselves to include a litany of miraculous skills acquired between January and March (of the same year). Those who authentically show enthusiasm and willingness to become the thing they tout by sharing and practicing, they get no criticism.

Referrals are sought for physicians and even for house painters; be sure to do the same for your Light-Workers, your Healers and your Metaphysicians and beware of the lurking Shingle-Hangers!

Thanks for reading my blog!

The Reconnection

Was such a pleasure to once again have Dr Erick Pearl, author of The Reconnection come to the studio to film. He will be in Miami this weekend to share the Re-connective healing workshop levels 1 &2.
After chatting with several people, I came to the realization that many known to me in the community will be at the program. So many are excited about Dr Erick’s work.. If you have a chance, be sure to check out his website: http://www.TheReconnection.com
If you would like to see the show… Tune in to The Halley Elise Show on web TV station http://www.WRPBiTV.com this Thursday evening at 7PM.
It is for me an honor to have guests that are genuine and really interested in sharing their work!
Have a great night all!
Blessings, Halley